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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

  What is Craniosacral Therapy?   Craniosacral Therapy deals with the Osseous structures(primarily the cranial vault & sacrum), membranes(Dura & Meninges), & fluid (Cerebrospinal fluid) that support the brain, spinal cord & spinal nerve roots & the fascia which binds...

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Muscle Relief Massage

Muscle Relief Massage w/ Arthur Chao   Our body is a network of connective tissue that helps keep us balanced and healthy. However, weak connective tissue can cause our body to become unbalanced, creating muscular compensation and irregular posture. Muscle Relief...

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Far Infrared Thermos Massage

  Far Infrared Thermos Massage   Hot Stone Massage is a very popular form of heat therapy. However, the benefits from hot stone heat are not sustained over a long period because the stones cool rapidly. To address that issue, here at Body Kinetics Massage, we use an...

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Benefits of Stretching

  Benefits of Stretching   Simple stretching has a lot of benefits for the body and mind.  Creating a daily routine of stretching can help relax muscles, increase blood flow, and restore nutrients into the joints.    Releases stress - Tension can cause negative...

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Post Mastectomy Massage

  Post Mastectomy Massage   After Mastectomy surgery, scar tissue develops where the surgical incision in the skin. Scar tissue also develops at where soft tissue injury takes place, for example, radiation treatment or muscle tear. Untreated scar tissues may influence...

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Oncology Massage

  Oncology Massage   Oncology Massage is a specialty massage type that includes clinical assessment and adaptations for someone experiencing cancer or with history of cancer treatments in order to help alleviate some of the pain associated with cancer treatments. We...

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  Lypossage   If you concern about your body shapes, cellulite, or you want to loose some inches on your waist, arm and legs in a healthy way, this is the body work you want to consider. Lypossage is a clinically proven massage therapy that effectively detoxifies your...

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