Find the Massage Technique That Works Best for You


Most massage clinics or spas offer Swedish massage which is a standard massage. Swedish massage involves light to medium pressure for a full body massage that delivers soothing and relaxing effects. It is the most popular modality for people looking to de-stress and find relaxation.

Another popular modality is Deep Tissue Massage. In most massage clinics or spas, Deep Tissue massage involves a full body massage with firm to heavy pressure. This modality combined with trigger points technique is good for someone who wants to knock out some tight muscles or muscle nods found under the superficial layers of muscle.

Injury Relief Massage, not a popular known term, is a form of Medical Massage. The focus of a session is to reduce pain or discomfort caused by acute or chronic muscle injuries. People who have limited range of motions due to accidents, exercise, athletic training, work or other reasons will greatly benefits from this modality.

Sports Massage is generally confused with Injury Relief Massage by many people. The true Sports Massage is a quick massage designed for athletes or sport players before and after events to assist them to achieve their performance.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a specialty modality suitable for people who need after surgery care or who simply want to undergo deep detoxification of the body.

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