Pre-Lipo and Post-Lipo Online Workshop

     “I never knew Lipo-procedures would damage my physical body and systematic functions this bad.” This is one of the complaints I often hear from my post-lipo clients when they showed up at my clinic for their first Post-Lipo MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage).


      Your physician may have discussed the types of procedures you would receive, but they might not have readied your body before the procedure or prepared the healing you need after the procedure. Lipo-procedures are not just cosmetic works; they are also medical procedures that require medical recovery treatments for post-op healing. This workshop will bring you to the basic understanding of how Lipo-procedures change your body functions, how can you ready your body for it, and what post-op treatments and protocols you need for fast healing.


     If you are planning for a lipo-related procedure, you may want to join Christina Chao on 6/27/2020 to learn about healing from lipo-procedures. This online workshop has a lot of valuable information and discussions coming from her five years of experience as a post-lipo MLD therapist and a functional nutrition health coach.


Register the Online Workshop


Topic: Pre-Lipo & Post-Lipo Healings
Date/Hour: 6/27/20, 1pm-3pm (Pacific Standard Time)
Location: Zoom Meeting Room
What will you receive from this 2-hour workshop:
1. What you need to do to prepare your body for your Lipo procedures.
2. Why you need a medical MLD, not a cosmetic MLD?
3. Choose your post-lipo treatments and protocols for fast healing.
4. And more.


     This workshop will host a total of 6 seats. Registration fee is $55 per seat. You will receive a $55 voucher at the end of workshop toward purchase of treatment/protocol packages of any type for Las Vegas residents.  Please click the blue button below to register. Seats are limited.


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 You need to download the ZOOM app (free) on your cellphone or computer and sign up 24 hours prior to the workshop. Use the link provided in your confirmation email to enter the session. We will begin the session at the scheduled time.


Refund Policy


Please contact Christina Chao/Body Kinetics Wellness at for details regarding this event or refund policy. Thank you.


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